As an 18-year resident of Hawaii, I can tell you from my heart that this is a great place to live – and to raise a family. Of course the climate is ideal, but it’s also the feeling of neighborliness. I can attest that the “Aloha Spirit” is alive and well here. An island tends to have a different atmosphere of community – I think of it as an accountable place, meaning people care for and take note of each other. I love that for my kids.

So many people have a dream in the back of their minds to one day live in a place like Hawaii. Well, my message to you is that you can do it; you can make a go of it. It’s worth trying to live at least a portion of your life in paradise.

I have a comprehensive packet of relocation materials I can send you if you’re interested in learning more about life on the islands. Just if you’d like me to send it to you.

Allison’s Inside Tip on Lifestyle

Housing may be expensive in Hawaii, but many people don’t realize that in other ways it costs less to live here. No heating bill, for one – and usually no air conditioning, either. You don’t need to buy winter clothes, and you won’t need that membership at a gym to exercise indoors in the winter.